Pascal Marchandon joins BERRYLAW as a partner

Dec 17, 2021

Less than 2 years after its creation, Berrylaw welcomes a new corporate partner to reinforce its transactional practice, particularly in the health sector.

After ten years as M&A legal director of the Savencia group, carrying out numerous acquisitions and disposals of companies in France and abroad, Pascal Marchandon has been for 7 years the Group General Counsel of the LNA Santé group, a leading French operator in the field of care for frail people (EHPAD, follow-up care and rehabilitation clinics, psychiatric clinics, home hospitalisation). In this capacity, he has participated in numerous acquisitions of health establishments in the private sector as well as in the public or associative sector.

At this stage of his career, he wanted to give a new energy to his professional life by becoming a lawyer and the idea of joining Berrylaw became obvious, having worked with its founders on several occasions in recent years.

With a perfect knowledge of the business law firms market, Pascal chose to join an agile, entrepreneurial structure, rich in projects and ambitions in order to contribute to its development, alongside its founders, by bringing his great knowledge of the health sector and of the M&A practice related to it.

For their part, Berrylaw’s partners had as a priority the reinforcement of their corporate teams in order to meet the strong demands of their clients and the market.

Delphine Bariani underlines: “We are delighted to welcome Pascal, with whom we have been working for many years and whose experience in the corporate sector will reinforce the operational approach to cases expected by our clients and which is already one of the firm’s strengths”.

Pascal is well versed in the specificities of external growth operations, particularly in the health sector, and has a perfect understanding of the demanding regulatory constraints and the unique social issues involved. He knows the field and the various decision-makers. These are fundamental assets for the success and security of deals in this sector.

Pascal comments “I joined Berrylaw seduced by the business model, the energy and the ambition of the founders. I wish to participate fully in the development of the firm and to put my experience in the field at the service of our clients and of all those who will be convinced by our multidisciplinary team dedicated to high growth companies.


Biographical details

Pascal is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and the Institute of Business Administration in Caen.

He has successively worked in the legal departments of Promodès, Decathlon, Savencia and LNA Santé.

In 2021, he decided to become a lawyer at the Paris Bar.

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